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"Hi there… I'm glad to see you… I'll take a peek inside and tell you all about this juicy website… Hold on tight… It's going to be an exciting ride… This erotic poser site is home to a collection of sexy temple girls in erotic picture stories and adult comics topped with some hot erotic art galleries. These erotic art galleries come in a variety of themes from erotica to bondage. Hot women stand in revealing poses showing off their sexy bodies. These erotic art galleries invoke a passion as you go from the innocence of erotica to a succubus in all her terrifying beauty.

In a collection of adult comics, these temple girls are into hot lesbian sex. Rhya is a teacher of magic protection at a temple school of magic. She decides to start the hot young ladies on the power of red magic. She looks at the sexy students and picks the sweet girl, Skyra. Reluctantly, Skyra steps forward. Rhya casts a spell of red magic. This sphere of power traps the beautiful Skyra in a state of sexual pleasure the girl can't resist. As the pleasure grows, Skyra looses control of her body squirming in a heated frenzy. When the teacher releases her student from the spell the hot young woman has no memory of what was done to her. This is a lesson the other cute girls in the class are anxious to learn.

There are many more hot lesbian sex scenes. These hot women are in a huge gallery of erotic comics that cover a collection of albums filled with hot sex between gorgeous women. If you like girl on girl action you've come to the right place to find it. This site makes me warm and wet… I'd better go before I get into trouble… I enjoyed telling you about Corintho's world of hot sex and wild ladies… I hope I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"


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