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Temple Fantasies
Welcome to my Realm of Temple Phantasies ...
Please note: At the moment my membership site is no longer maintained nor updated. I decided to retire for a while. The site is set to an "archive"- status, that means you only have to pay a one-time fee. There are still approx. 1000+ pics to view. The free site is still active, and I'll update the thumbnail galleries from time to time. Have fun.
You'll find a world full of mysteries and exotic beauties, rogues and temple courtesans, slaves and artisans, warriors and amazons, priestesses, sorcerers and temple novices. And you'll find - of course - erotic adventures, stories and single scenes, expressed by colorful pics.
Explore the darker and hidden secrets of Golden Temple. Join our elected crew of initiated temple adepts and accompany them down into the nether vaults, where unholy, orgiastic rituals take place to serve an invisible, but very real and powerful alien goddess who slept in the tombs for eons of years.
Discover the origins of the temple far away in the past and find out the original purpose of all those odd looking gadgets that are used to perform ancient ceremonies.
What can you find inside? Computer generated 3D artwork (mainly Poser). There are single pics, series, small stories and episodes, erotic adventures adressing lesbianism, mind control, domination and submission, forced orgasms, some bondage as well as straight erotic: a mix of fantasy, gothic and science fiction.
There are also comics and comic-like panels that are updated from time to time. So come in and have fun!

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If illustrations of naked women or men or naked women/men in artistic posing or adult oriented situations - or viewing such images - are against the law in your locality, state, province, or country, you MUST leave NOW.
All of the images on this website are computer generated. That means the people are fictitious characters. All images and stories depict adults aged 18 or over.

Original Erotic
Art Gallery - The biggest collection of real erotic drawings in the world.

Renderotica - 3D Adult Erotic Art
Renderotica - 3D Adult Erotic Art

My 3D Fantasy and SciFi Homepage - with tons of nude girls, but no hardcore stuff.
My 3D Fantasy and SciFi Homepage - with tons of nude girls, but no hardcore stuff.

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